Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Thoughts...

So, it's me, Lindsey. I'll be posting some of my favorite pictures and telling you what I like about them. Or I'll be posting my thoughts about movies since I finally just finished my very first script. I've always wanted to post my thoughts about my pictures, movies, idea, etc, but I've just never really had the time until now. I'll try to blog somewhat frequently, but I can't guarantee any set frequency. 

Anyways, this picture is one I took upon my class field trip to Hollywood. Yes, we are cool college students who still take field trips. Anyways, it was with my screenwriting class so it makes sense. I was super excited to go to Hollywood, mostly because that meant I could get gorgeous pictures of the stars. I took this while I was waiting for my professor to get there and I was just experimenting with holding my camera close to the ground. Some of my best pictures happen when I just snap my camera and am not looking. In this picture I just happened to capture the light just right at the perfect time in the afternoon. What's not to love about this picture. The lighting is perfect and it's Mickey's star. Seriously, I love it. 

So if you like what you see here you can go here and look at more photos that I post Monday through Friday that I call the "Photo of the Day." Once I graduate I'm planning on getting more into photography and working on getting more projects. So that's it for now since I have finals all next week.

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